About Clare Golf & Country Club

Clare Golf and Country Club – a history of the Friendly Club

The concept of constructing a new 9 hole golf course in Clare crystallized in 1966 when 80 interested citizens, spearheaded by Dave and Louis Gaudet, met to investigate the possibility of building a golf course in their region. The first Board of Directors worked extremely hard over the winter and their goal of raising 35,000 was met by the spring of 1967.

Long Term Tree Placement Plan

The board of directors has approved a long term tree placement plan as proposed by the greens committee in conjunction with the tree development committee. The following is the hole by hole description of the tree planting and tree removal to be done in the next few years.

2016 Jackie Frost Winners

JACKIE FROST 2016 WINNERS DIVISION 4 NAME CLUB SCORE 3rd Net Sarah Sullivan CL 159 3rd Gross Joy Herbert CL 211 2nd Net Helen Marshall PAR 150 2nd Gross Pam Sabean NSPP 204 1st Net Dianne Arthur NSPP 145 1st Gross Janet deMolitor RH 190 DIVISION 3 3rd Net Shirley d’Entremont WP 153 3rd Gross…

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“All You Can Eat Haddock”

2016 “All You Can Eat Haddock” will be starting on April 8th. Each Friday 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm. $12.00 tax included.

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