MAY 2, 2016

BRIDGE WORK PRIORITY:  Bridges to be repaired on #’s: 4, 18 and 13.   #4 and 18 completed.  The Bridge on #13 will be started the week of May 9.  The foundations will have to be replaced and this project is expected to last approximately 2-3 weeks.   During this time, the bridge on # 16 will be used.  The white tees will remain back, however, the red tees will be moved up to the Gold tees.

Drop off on the left side of the car path opposite the green on # 2, has been roped off and fill added as it becomes available.

The budget has required minimum use of temporary part time staff hours to reduce expenses.  The essential work will get done but will take a little more time.   Members will notice that the roughs will not be mowed as frequent as previous years, and some cosmetic cutting and trimming may not get done.   This is to keep expenses down and focus on keeping the critical areas of the course in as best conditions as our budget will permit.

General maintenance as time and funds permit the Grounds Crew will be addressing the drainage on #12 fairway & plans are in the works to replace the roofs on our 4 rain shelters if recourses are available.

Course Clean Up:  Staff are working at clearing up dead trees and the fairways as time permits.   Some morning golfing groups have adopted fairways and are working away at piling up debris for staff to remove, this is a great help to the grounds crew.

Andrew has identified insect issues on several of the greens and has already addressed the issue.  This past winter provided excellent conditions for insect infestations.  This is an issue which will be monitored closely this season.

The greens committee has asked the Superintendent to keep the 90° rule for car paths in place throughout the year except during dry and high dust conditions, or when the course is in such a condition to require car paths only.    ALL members are asked to follow the golf car signs and rules to keep our course in top condition.  Those using handicap flags are asked to stay at least 30 feet from the greens with golf cars.

The Greens Committee wish to give praise to our very dedicated Grounds Crew, who show a lot of pride in the course and continue year after year to keep the course in the best condition possible for the resources we have available.

Members are asked to show appreciation to the crew by abiding by golfing etiquette:  fix ball marks on the greens, repair divots, follow golf car signs and keep the course tidy.  We are always grateful to all the volunteers who help with the many chores around the course.

Greens Committee is open to feedback from our members. (drop off written suggestions in the pro-shop)

Thank you and enjoy your golfing experience.


The Greens Committee.

Clare Golf & Country Club • May 7, 2016

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