Tombstone Social Results

Men’s Winner : Blair Mellor

Women’s Winner : Patricia Saulnier

First to die : Bob Flemming

Gift Card prizes are at the pro shop

Thanks to everyone who participated!

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2014 Sam Thibault Junior Invitational Results

Overall Champion Jacob LeBlanc 74 Yarmouth Links

Junior Division Champion Jacob Lloy 79 Avon Valley

1st Gross Corey Sabean 85 Paragon

1st Net Jordan Boyd 75 Clare

Juvenile Division Champion Brandon Watkins 79 Clare

1ST Gross Josh Watkins 89 Clare

1st Net Marcel Saulnier 74 Clare

2nd Gross Donny Comeau 93 Clare

Bantam Division Champion Noah Pearson 84 Oakfield

1st Gross Kayden Nickerson 87 River Hills

1st Net Nathan Comeau 72 Clare

2nd Gross Teran Newell 88 River Hills

Pee-Wee Division Champion Hayden Young 113 West Pubnico retrogression

1st Gross Vincent D’Eon 113 West Pubnico retrogression

Longest Drive #6 (12-14 years old) Noah Pearson

Longest Drive #13 (15-18 years old) Jordan Boyd

Closest to the Hole #2 Brandon Watkins 8ft 6in

#4 Brandon Watkins 28ft 6in

#10 Teran Newell 13ft 8in

#17 Teran Newell 13ft 9in

TOP 15

1 Jacob LeBlanc 74
T2 Jacob Lloy 79
T2 Brandon Watkins 79
4 Noah Pearson 84
5 Corey Sabean 85
6 Kayden Nickerson 87
7 Teran Newell 88
T8 Nathan Comeau 89
T8 Reid Symonds 89
T8 Josh Watkins 89
T8 Jordan Boyd 89
12 Patrick LeBlanc 92
T13 Donny Comeau 93
T13 Patrick Flynn 93
T15 Joshua Shwaykowski 95
T15 Julien d’Endremont 95
T15 Ryan Swinamer 95

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2014 Husband & Wife/Mixed Couples Results

Husband and Wife

Overall Champions: Raymond and Barbara Tufts   79


1st Gross: Colin and Ghislaine LeBlanc  81

1st Net:  Robert and Sarah Sullivan  62.5


Mixed Couples Division

Overall Champions: Adrian Watkins and Paulette Dugas  83


1st Gross: Roland Comeau and Jeannine Maillet  87

1st Net: Rick Thurber and Lorraine Melanson   65


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