Austin Connelly Canadian Open

Austin Connelly, an 18 year old Junior Member at Clare Golf and Country Club is making the most of his exemption into the Canadian Open on the PGA Tour. After shooting a 1 over 73 in his first round on Thursday he bounced back and fired a jaw dropping bogey-free 7 under par 65.

Austin now sits in a tie for 22nd after 2 rounds. Follow his progress on and look for him on tv this weekend.

Austin, we’re all rooting for you down here at Clare Golf. Go get ’em ‘Kid’


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ALL YOU CAN EAT FISH ($10.00) / EVERY FRIDAY / Starting April 10th / 4:30PM – 7:30PM

ALL YOU CAN EAT FISH ($10.00) / EVERY FRIDAY / Starting April 10th / 4:30PM – 7:30PM


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Volunteers wanted!!!

The Board & management need your help. Revenue is not keeping up with expenses, yet we would like to continue to offer the same quality experience that our community is accustomed. As a board we are working hard at trying to keep costs in check, and are constantly looking for venues to raise additional revenue. Several areas have been identified where volunteers could prove invaluable to the Club.

Clare Golf & Country Club has had a very positive response from members, shareholders and the community at large volunteering their time for various tasks over the years. We would like to build on this positive response, by establishing a list of those who wish to volunteer and what type of activities they would like to do as a volunteer.

Your name and interest area will be put on a list available to the manager and supervisors, and when volunteer(s) are needed for a specific task, you could be called. We expect the list will be extensive enough that the work will be spread among many people, and if you are not available for a specific event, then the supervisor will contact the next on the list.

The areas that we are seeking volunteers for are described below. You may volunteer for several of the areas – that does not mean that you will be called more, it simply means that you can be called for a greater variety of activities.

TOURNAMENTS: There are a number of tournaments during the year where volunteers are needed. Not all of these tournaments are arranged by Clare Golf, but arranged by specific groups such as SPCA, Belliveau Motors, Transport De Clare. The list of volunteers that is being complied is for use by Clare Golf and Country Club only. Our tournaments are as follows: Lobster Classic , Opening tournament, Spring Shoot out, Clare 4 Ball, Acadian 2 Ball, Jackie and Jack Frost, and George Theriault fund raiser, Junior tournament. The nature of the work done by volunteers is: Registration desk, starters, fore caddie, marshal, and witness for hole in one.

KITCHEN & DINNING AREA: This would be for special events, some tournaments and involves helping out with setting up the tables, cleaning dishes and clean-up after the meal. It may also involve, supervising the chaffing trays at buffets. This year having started the all you can eat fish, we are very busy in the kitchen and would like to have 2 volunteers every Friday. If you can help us out once in a while let us know by putting your name on the list

GROUNDS KEEPING & CLEAN UP: assisting the grounds crew in cleaning up the fairways and greens in the spring and special projects during the year in upgrading the course.

MAINTAINENCE AND REPAIR: Special projects where we might need helping hands. This year we will need a crew to help paint the new Golf Car Shed. There are other “handyman jobs” around the club house which could use a work crew.

TRADES WORKS: We have a number of small electrical, plumbing, carpenter jobs from time to time that need to be addressed, most of the time these are not attended to due to cost and can be completed on one’s own schedule.

OTHER: Many times we just need some extra helping hands to make a chore lighter for the staff. If you would like to help from time to time and have nothing specific in mind sign up for other duties.

Sheets will be posted on the bulletin boards or you can contact Bill Twaddle at 837-4817 – email

Thank you for your help.

Board of Directors & Management , Clare Golf and Country Club.

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