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Clare Golf and Country Club – a history of the Friendly Club

The concept of constructing a new 9 hole golf course in Clare crystallized in 1966 when 80 interested citizens, spearheaded by Dave and Louis Gaudet, met to investigate the possibility of building a golf course in their region. The first Board of Directors worked extremely hard over the winter and their goal of raising 35,000 was met by the spring of 1967.

As work began on finding a site, an arrangement was struck with St. Anne?s College to purchase the farm of Jeremie Comeau located at Comeauville. This farm served as the location for the construction of the new golf course, which was overseen by Louis Gaudet. While this was the first attempt at golf course development by Louis Gaudet (he had played only Digby Pines and Green Gables, PEI prior to that time), his meticulous approach proved to be very successful as it became apparent that he was able to unleash the beauty of this farm landscape, overlooking St. Mary?s Bay.

Play began in 1967 on five holes, those holes being #1, 2, 3, 4 and 9. The other four holes were ready for play in 1968.

The first few years were difficult ones financially. Despite the difficulties, the Board forged ahead. Golf Pro Gordie Shaw was hired for the 1969 golf season and he acted as Pro-Superintendent until he left at the end of 1974.

Times were still difficult, but steady, as the golf club headed into the 1970s. However, it was in these years that Dave Gaudet and Gordie Shaw were instrumental in developing an idea which would lay the foundation for the future success of our Club. With the assistance of directors and members, it was decided to develop a junior program in which skills and etiquette were taught to young golfers. They were encouraged to play in Club events and driven to outside tournaments for competition. In subsequent years, the Club would reap the benefits of this initiative.

Perry Jackson became manager of the course for the 1975 season and it was during this time that the phrase ?THE FRIENDLY CLUB? was made popular. Armand Comeau managed the club into the 1980s as membership numbers grew significantly. Later managers continued to provide great hospitality, including Tom Jubis, Hazel Dugas and Ron Aymar.

In the late 1970s and early 1980s, membership numbers grew at a tremendous rate. In 1981, the Board decided to undertake the construction of 9 new holes, one of the most significant projects ever undertaken by Clare Golf and Country Club. Instead of contracting the work out, the Board undertook the project themselves, a bold decision at that time of their modest history. They purchased a used screener and bulldozer, and with government assistance from all three levels, construction began on 9 new holes, which officially opened in June 1986.

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