2016 Opening Tournament – Saturday Draw

8:30 Stephane LeBlanc Rick Thurber Claude Comeau 8:40 Anthony LeBlanc Roland Deveau Nicholas Reddick 8:50 Vincent Saulnier Michael Gaudet Robert Robichaud 9:00 Jean-Claude Doucet Berton German Louis Bonnanfant 9:10 Gilles Gaudet David Duffy Richard Wright 9:20 Eric Tufts Miquel LeBlanc Dave Howell 9:30 Daren Gaudet Robert Thibault Nicky Power 9:40 Robert Sullivan Paulette Dugas Nathan…

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50th Anniversary Celebration Weekend

In celebration of our 50th Anniversary, we are going back to 1966 prices. On May 14th & 15th, it will only cost $5.00 (tax included) per round. Please book Tee Times early online or by calling 1-902-769-2124.

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