2014 Jack Frost Saturday Draw

#1 Tee Morning
8:00 Rob Collins Clare
Ryan Dixon River Hills
Marc Lombard Clare

8:09 Morgan Penney Yarmouth Links
Nick Coates Clare
Anthony LeBlanc Clare

8:18 Mark Adams West Pubnico
Stephane LeBlanc Clare
Darrell MacKenzie River Hills

8:27 Graham MacIntyre Northumberland
Jeff Grant Ashburn
Matthew Fish West Pubnico

8:36 Justin Wood Digby Pines
Vincent Saulnier Clare
Jordan Bain Yarmouth Links

8:45 Loran Hopkins West Pubnico
Devin Maillet Clare
Daniel LeBlanc Clare

8:54 Jamie MacLeod Digby Pines
Jody Swim River Hills
Blair Churchill Yarmouth Links

9:03 Derek Bent Paragon
Drew MacLean Digby Pines
Bobby Stoddard Jr River Hills

9:12 Corey Muise West Pubnico
Nathan Townsend River Hills
Jon Gallagher Yarmouth Links

9:21 Sandy Herrick Paragon
Aaron Nickerson River Hills
Jim Sampson Clare
Paul Legere Yarmouth Links

#10 tee Morning
8:00 Rod Robicheau Digby Pines
Gilles Gaudet Clare
Lionel LeBlanc Clare

8:09 Grant Gaudet Clare
George Watkins Yarmouth Links
Bob Wood Digby Pines

8:18 Owen Rogers Clare
Amos d’Entremont West Pubnico
Jacob LeBlanc Yarmouth Links

8:27 Sam El Jakl River Hills
Brandon Watkins Clare
Paul Cook Paragon

8:36 Murray Carruthers Digby Pines
Wally Sisco Yarmouth Links
Ken Wagner Digby Pines

8:45 John Csoknya Clare
Ricky Thurber Clare
Bradford Belliveau West Pubnico

8:54 Alphonse Doucet Clare
Ken Davidson Oakfield
Kevin Patterson Clare

9:03 Glen Oliver Annapolis
Nicholas Mullen Clare
Dale Stewart Digby Pines

9:12 Ernest Muise Clare
Marc Tufts Clare
Kimball Nesbitt Digby Pines

9:21 Percy Bourque West Pubnico
Roland C. Comeau Clare
Garth Nickerson Yarmouth Links
Gary Blades River Hills


#1 tee Afternoon
11:54 Brian Amirault Clare
Jeff LeBlanc Yarmouth Links
Glenn Whitehouse Yarmouth Links
Jordan Scott River Hills

12:03 Don Dares River Hills
Blair Mellor Clare
Chris Joyce Digby Pines

12:12 Aaron Greenlaw Digby Pines
Richard Amirault Clare
Pat Gallagher Yarmouth Links

12:21 Gary Belliveau Clare
Troy Belliveau River Hills
Robert Thibault Clare

12:30 Bruce Atkinson River Hills
Ray Tucker Clare
Elie Thimot Clare

12:39 Hubert Melanson Clare
Berton German Clare
Luke Dugas Digby Pines

12:48 Nolan Durnford Digby Pines
Dale Denton Clare
Adrian Watkins Clare
Dave Huntley Berwick Heights


#10 tee Afternoon
11:54 Robert Jeffrey Digby Pines
Paul Jones River Hills
Bryan Empson Clare

12:03 Roland Deveau Clare
Andrew Saulnier Clare
Earl LeBlanc Clare

12:12 Tim Surette Clare
Paul Thibault Clare
David Betts West Pubnico

12:21 Don Kennedy Digby Pines
Hans Hausgaard West Pubnico
Greg Blades River Hills

12:30 Yvon Thibault Clare
Desire LeBlanc Clare
Donald Doucet Clare

12:39 Louis Bonnanfant Clare
Gary Patterson Clare
Seth Cromwell Clare

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Men’s Night Time Change

Men’s Night start time has been bumped up to 5:45pm due to daylight issues.

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Fish Night Will Be Thursday This Week

Due to the Jackie Frost, Fish Friday will be held on Thursday September 11, 2014 from 4:30pm until 7:30pm. Sorry for any inconveniences and we hope to see you there.

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Introducing New Tees!!!

Try out our new
Gold Tees
*Great spot for beginners to start
*For golfers who hit under 175 yards
*Special score cards available at the pro shop
*Please share with us your thoughts and comments
*your feedback would be very helpful

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Acadian 2 Ball

The annual Acadian 2 Ball Scramble has been rescheduled to Saturday October 4th. If you have any questions or you wish to participate please contact the Pro Shop at 769-2124.

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Awesome Video of Clare Golf

Check out this video, taken the day after Post Tropical storm Arthur.



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